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Custom Synthesis

New drug molecules and fragments, intermediates/API, Ingredients of supplements and cosmetics. Contact us today for personalized assistance!


2,000 square meters R&D center
G-grade to kilogram grade production

Production base

Four large and stable production bases
100 Kilogram Scales to Tonnage Scales


Process development and optimization
R&D to production of bulk goods

Natural Micron Pharm Tech provides customer-focused, project-based custom chemical synthesis services. Our company has been intensively cultivating in this service field for more than 20 years, has synthesized thousands of chemicals (click here to search our product library), and has stable cooperative commercial customers in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Our team delivers exceptional customer service while ensuring transparency, accountability, and reliability in terms of cost and delivery. We never compromise on any difficulty to provide efficient and unparalleled custom synthesis services.

Very competitive price, high-quality products, fast delivery, positive after-sales service. Make Natural Micron Pharm Tech a world-class custom chemical synthesis company.

Overview of Chemical Custom Synthesis Services

The Scope of Custom Synthesis Includes But is not Limited to the Following Products

New drug molecules and fragments
Ingredients of supplements
Ingredients of cosmetics

Our Most Common Contract Synthesis

Small molecule

We Also Cater to the Following Needs

We provide reaction monitoring and collection of various measurement data using analytical techniques.
Even for new compounds whose synthetic methods are unknown, we are happy to conduct research and propose synthetic routes for you.
Provide the obtained compounds through structure analysis, purity analysis, and other necessary analysis.

Service Process

The basic service process of Natural Micron Pharm Tech contract synthesis is as follows

  1. Customer demand confirmation
  2. Technical evaluation and plan formulation
  3. Quotation and contract signing
  4. Laboratory synthesis and optimization
  5. Quality control and analysis
  6. Production scale
  7. Product delivery and testing
  8. After-sales Service and Continuous Cooperation
  9. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Protection
  10. Feedback and Improvement

Advantages of Custom Synthesis of Chemicals

  1. We have 20 years of custom synthesis experience.
  2. Secure the supply chain from laboratory scale to processing/production.
  3. Make sure your exact requirements are met: target structure, required quantities, and comprehensive analysis.
  4. Reduce your cost, time, and effort.
  5. Custom packaging and custom specifications.
  6. It can be synthesized using methods designed by a custom synthesis team or methods designed by a chemist.
  7. Products can be available exclusively or in stock for quick reordering.
  8. We provide customers with the development and upgrade of non-infringement routes. We also provide solutions to manage the entire product lifecycle, including scaling and regulatory support. As well as the potential for transfer to larger production facilities and GMP facilities.

Quality Control


Natural Micron’s R&D team consists of multiple PhDs and masters with great passions for chemical synthesis from renowned domestic and international universities. Our leader researchers have extensive experience in chemical synthesis and can quickly start and determine the process direction, ensuring the project proceeds smoothly.

Meanwhile, our lab has a comprehensive project management system and a quality management system that complies with GMP standards, to ensure that we can track and update the progress of the project in real-time, and be responsible for the quality of each final compound delivered.

2) Production:

Our R&D department is located in Jinan Diya Innovation and Entrepreneurship Industrial Park, covering an area of approximately 2,000 square meters, equipped with multiple small-scale R&D workshops, pilot-scale R&D workshops, process validation rooms, analysis rooms, purification rooms, etc.

The laboratory is fully equipped with multiple sets of 0.1L-100L reactors, HPLC, GC, etc. In addition, we also have three stable production bases equipped with multiple 500L-1000L reactors, which can simultaneously undertake multiple synthesis projects of G level, KG level, and Tonnage Level, and ensure fast delivery of goods.

Progress and Report

We will conduct an assessment within a few days and provide you with a quotation, supplemented by a comprehensive plan. We provide a detailed report with estimated delivery dates on a weekly basis. Each project is protected by a non-disclosure agreement.

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