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Suramin Sodium (CAS: 129-46-4)

Suramin sodium is an anti-trypanosomal compound synthesized in 1961. Its essence is a reversible competitive protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor. It is mainly used to treat African trypanosomiasis and onchocerciasis. Suramin hexasodium salt can inhibit the reverse transcriptase activity related to tumor viruses, so suramin sodium is applied to the treatment of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. And suramin sodium salt has a certain inhibitory effect on the human immunodeficiency virus.

Cas Number: 129-46-4

EINECS Number: 204-949-3

Molecular Formula: C51H34N6Na6O23S6

Structure Formula: 

Appearance:  White crystalline powder

Other Name: Suramin Sodium Salt; Suramin hexasodium salt; naphuride sodium

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Application of Suramin Sodium Salt

1. Sulamin sodium has been proven to have anti-trypanosomiasis, anti-tumor, prevention and treatment of proliferative eye diseases, antiviral, and immunomodulatory effects, and is widely used in clinical practice.

2. Suramin sodium salt is a hepatitis C virus NS3 helicase inhibitor. It is also used to treat arthritis caused by collagen issues.

Parameters of Suramin hexasodium salt

Items Specification
Name Suramin Sodium
Other Name Suramin Sodium Salt; Suramin hexasodium salt; naphuride sodium
Brand Natural Micron Pharm Tech
Cas Number 129-46-4
EINECS Number 204-949-3
Appearance White crystalline powder
Molecular Formula C51H34N6Na6O23S6
Structure Formula
Molecular Weight 1429.17
Melting Point >260°C (dec.)
Solubility H2O: >10mg/mL
PH pH(10g/l, 25℃) : 5.0~8.0
Stability Hygroscopic
Purity ≥99.0%
Place of Origin China
Shelf Life 2 Years
Package Standard packaging includes the following:1kg net weight aluminum foil bag, 25 kg net weight drum and other package sizes are available upon request.
Storage Store in a well-ventilated, cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight. Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.

What is Suramin Sodium

Suramin sodium (or suramin hexasodium) is a pharmaceutical compound with critical medical applications.

Suramin sodium consists of multiple naphthalene rings and sulfonic acid groups. It is a polyanionic compound of sulfonated naphthaleneurea derivatives. Appearance is white crystalline powder state, cas is 129-46-4.

“Suramin sodium salt” or “suramin hexasodium salt” refers to the sodium salt form of suramin. The principle is to convert the free acid groups in suramin to their corresponding sodium salts by reacting suramin with sodium hydroxide (NaOH). It has better solubility (water) and is easier to handle than suramin.

In terms of application, suramin sodium is mainly used in treating trypanosomiasis, cancer treatment, nervous system diseases, and so on.

Uses of Suramin Sodium

Suramin sodium is mainly used in medicine and research. Here are some of its major applications in medicine and research:

  • Treatment of trypanosomiasis: One of the most important applications of suramin sodium is in the treatment of African trypanosomiasis. It primarily kills parasites by interfering with their energy metabolism. In addition, suramin sodium is also considered helpful in treating other tropical diseases such as onchocerciasis and filariasis.
  • Cancer treatment: Suramin Sodium achieves the purpose of treating cancer by inhibiting angiogenesis in tumors by blocking growth factors such as VEGF which are critical for tumor progression.
  • Nervous system disorders: Suramin sodium may help improve neurological disorders such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It modulates neurotransmitter systems and neuroreceptors.
  • Cellular studies: Suramin sodium has the ability to block purinergic receptors and inhibit enzyme activity. Therefore cough can be used as a tool for studying cellular processes and signaling pathways.
  • Antiviral effect: Suramin sodium can interfere with virus attachment and entry into host cells. Therefore, it has a good effect on the resistance to certain viruses, such as Ebola virus, dengue virus, etc.
  • Angiogenesis-related diseases: In addition to cancer, the ability of suramin sodium to inhibit angiogenesis can also be used to treat diseases in which blood vessels grow abnormally, such as diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.

Synthesis of Suramin Sodium

The synthesis of suramin hexasodium is a complex process that involves multiple steps.

Here is a general outline of the preparation method:

Step 1: Nitration of Naphthalenesulfonic Acid

Naphthalenesulfonic acid is nitrated using a mixture of concentrated nitric acid and sulfuric acid. This results in the formation of dinitronaphthalene derivatives.

Step 2: Reduction of Dinitronaphthalenes

The dinitronaphthalene derivatives are reduced using a reducing agent like iron and hydrochloric acid. This step converts the nitro groups into amino groups, forming diamino derivatives.

Step 3: Coupling Reaction

The diamino derivatives are then subjected to a coupling reaction with urea or thiourea in the presence of sodium hydroxide. This forms a complex mixture of products including the desired suramin intermediate.

Step 4: Sulfonation

The mixture obtained from the coupling reaction is sulfonated using sulfuric acid, which introduces sulfonic acid groups onto the aromatic rings of the intermediate compounds.

Step 5: Hydrolysis and Purification

The sulfonated mixture is subjected to hydrolysis using sodium hydroxide. This step converts the sulfonate groups into sodium salts. The resulting mixture is then purified through various methods, including crystallization, precipitation, and column chromatography.

Step 6: Final Conversion to Suramin Sodium

The purified intermediate is further converted to suramin sodium by reacting it with sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate. This forms the final product, suramin sodium, as a sodium salt of the compound.

The preparation of suramin hexasodium involves several synthetic steps, each of which requires careful control of reaction conditions and purification methods. Due to its complexity, buying Suramin Sodium directly most cost-effective way. Natural Micron provides high-purity and quality suramin hexasodium salt, contact us now and you will get a free sample and the cheapest quotation.

Safety and Risks of Suramin Sodium Salt

Suramin sodium is used primarily as a drug to treat certain parasitic infections and cancers. Therefore, when using it, you should pay attention to the following points.

Chemical Safety:

  • Regulations: Suramin Sodium is a prescription drug and should only be used under the supervision of a healthcare professional.
  • Manufacturing Standards: Drugs are subject to strict manufacturing standards and quality control measures to ensure their safety and efficacy.

Potential Risks:

  • Adverse reactions: Suramin sodium can cause a series of side effects, including gastrointestinal disorders, skin reactions, and fever.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some people may be allergic to suramin sodium or to ingredients in the formulation. Get medical help right away if you develop any signs of an allergic reaction, such as rash, itching, swelling, severe dizziness, or trouble breathing.、
  • DRUG INTERACTIONS: Suramin sodium can interact with other medications. Consult a healthcare professional before use.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions: People with certain medical conditions (such as kidney problems, liver problems, or blood disorders) may be at a higher risk of adverse reactions. Consult a healthcare professional before use.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Suramin sodium should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • Dosage: Adverse effects can be minimized by following the prescribed dosage and schedule.


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