Fursultiamine (CAS: 804-30-8)

Fusultiamine is a drug and vitamin, a derivative of vitamin B1. It is suitable for the treatment of Beriberi or Wernicke encephalopathy caused by vitamin B1 deficiency, and it can also be used as an auxiliary treatment for peripheral neuritis and indigestion caused by vitamin B1 deficiency. It can quickly transform into active thiamine in the body, that is, cocarboxylase, and is not decomposed by thiaminase in the body. It has a strong affinity to tissues and a long retention time.

Cas Number: 804-30-8

EINECS Number: 212-357-1

Molecular Formula: C17H26N4O3S2

Structure Formula: 

Appearance:  White or light yellow crystalline powder

Other Name: Thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide; TTFD; Fursultiamin; Diteftin

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