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Natural Micron Pharm Tech Participates in CPHI China 2023

From June 19th to 23rd, 2023. Natural Micron Pharm Tech participated in CPHI China in 2023.

In Shanghai New International Expo Center, communicate with our customers in a friendly manner. It has laid a good foundation for everyone’s future cooperation and win-win results.

The full name of CPHI is International Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates. CPHI entered China in 2001, and this year is the 23rd. Natural Micron Pharm Tech insists on participating in every session of CPHI, and has met many long-term cooperation customers. Natural Micron repays these trusting customers with the latest research results and technologies, allowing them to get better products and more profits. In the future, Natural Micron will continue to strive to bring more value to our customers.

The following is the scene of Natural Micron’s product manager communicating with customers. If you are in the picture, please leave your comment and let us have in-depth communication again.

Of course, if you have any needs or questions, please feel free to contact us. Our product managers and technicians will provide you with perfect solutions.

Our Team

In order to leave a good impression on our customers. Everyone on our team was well groomed. Do these handsome men and beauties make your memory fresh. Exquisite and capable are the best labels of our team!

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