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About Natural Micron Pharm Tech

Production, R&D and registration of health care products, cosmetic raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, and raw materials. Provide custom synthesis services, including synthesis process development and design of target compounds, production of compounds from MG to tonnage, quality research, etc.

Natural Micron Pharm Tech is primarily engaged in R&D, production, manufacturer, and supplier of new drug molecules and fragments, raw materials for health products/cosmetics and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Our R&D team is led by renowned pharmaceutical engineering Ph.D. and master’s graduates from prestigious universities both domestically and internationally, consisting of over 20 members.

We possess extensive experience in the field of drug synthesis, daring to innovate and optimize. We have the ability to develop novel reaction pathways from scratch and obtain the desired target products.

Additionally, our company is equipped with advanced analytical equipment and professional quality researchers, as well as a sales department, administrative department, and over 20 other members, providing robust support for our services and quality.

Our team also maintains long-term and fruitful collaborations with various university laboratories both domestically and internationally, breaking through our own limitations, promoting technological exchanges, and continuously improving our own research and development capabilities.

Since its establishment, Natural Micron has successfully developed and stably produced several products, which are distributed in the health products, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our partners are spread across more than 20 countries.

In recent years, due to business expansion, the directed synthesis of intermediates and raw materials for health products, process development and optimization, technology transfer, and scale-up production have also become our main areas of expansion.

Natural Micron Pharm Tech also possesses a professional quantitative and qualitative analysis department, capable of conducting quality research on raw materials and formulations, impurity studies, drug safety research, stability studies, drug registration, and other analytical projects.

Currently, some projects have entered the pilot production and registration stages.

The company also undertakes drug registration projects for raw materials and formulations on behalf of external clients.

Natural Micron's pursuit, persistence and expectation

Our team upholds the philosophy of pursuing excellence in quality and endless service, deeply understanding the principle of “going against the current is to go backward,” and carrying a passion for research and development innovation.

We insist on integrity as the foundation and strive for win-win cooperation as our goal.

We look forward to collaborating with you to create a better future together!

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