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Always pay attention to product quality and continuously improve the production process, hope to supply the highest quality, lowest-priced ingredients to all the world.

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Our R & D team

Our team is composed of many doctors and masters of pharmaceutical engineering from top universities. They are experienced in chemical synthesis and have a deep understanding of quality system and production cost control.

Project experience

We have successfully completed more than 100 customized projects, including the research and development of the latest nutrition ingredients and the synthesis of plant ingredients, in order to reduce costs. And provide perfect follow-up services, including process data handover, production amplification and transfer, and process improvement technical services.

Equipment and capacity

The R & D center is equipped with internationally advanced pharmaceutical analysis equipment, small-scale laboratories and process validation pilot workshops that meet international standards, and has a fixed production base, which can meet the needs of the whole process of product development and production.

Products and Services

Why Choose US

Our team will always maintain market acumen, constantly develop new products to meet the market needs, be willing to provide customers with various solutions, and we will always be responsible for our product quality.


We always pay attention to new ingredients and new processes, keep innovating, and hope to help our customers stay ahead in the industry.


Accurate and diverse analysis equipment and professional quality analysis engineers enable us to be responsible for quality.


We will always listen and understand customer needs, strive to meet customer needs, and then exceed customer expectations and create higher value for customers.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us
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